Filtration Applicactions

eptfe filtrationPorous PTFE is an ideal material for the construction of filters because it is chemically inert and easy to clean. The porous nature of PTFE results from the particulate nature of the granular PTFE used to form it. Specific porosity of the filter can be determined as a function of the PTFE processing. Baking conditions are chosen so that the PTFE particles become partially fused or sintered into an integral porous network during manufacturing. Secondary operations determine its optimal filtering characteristics.

Due to the non-stick qualities of PTFE, the filter element has good release properties permitting ready removal of filtered material. The thermal stability of PTFE also allows the filter to be used for high temperature liquid and gas filtration as well as in cryogenic applications.

Filter elements may be made in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your particular application. Contact our engineering team today and let us create the best solution for your filtration project.