Automotive Applications

eptfe automotive applicationIPE offers customized and high-performance solutions to the automotive industry. For example many NHRA high-performance engines rely on our polymer products. Excessive wear and dimensional instability caused our customer to search for a replacement seal design. The new seal had to fit into an existing rotor channel and provide longer life and better reliability at the high speeds and temperatures present within a supercharger.

Our solution was to develop a PTFE insert which provided leak-tight performance and compressibility that exceeded the customer’s specifications. Premature failure was eliminated, tighter tolerances kept horsepower more predictable and maintenance costs were significantly reduced.

PTFE Automotive Applications provide:

  • Temperature resistance to 500°F
  • Superior resistance to lubricants and fuels
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Sealing at high rotational speeds
  • Good mechanical strengths
  • Low friction/wear characteristics

Our seasoned engineers can supply the expertise you need to balance your automotive requirements of high operating performance, extended operational life and reduced cost.