Aeration Applications

aeration imageAeration technology is dependent upon efficiency and performance. Porous PTFE is particularly suited for aeration in wastewater, aquaculture and medical/clinical applications.

PTFE can be easily fabricated into sheets, tubes, membranes and other shapes with controlled porosity. Highly resilient, lightweight and resistant to a broad spectrum of chemicals and reagents, the open-celled pore structure of porous PTFE can vent or diffuse a controlled flow of gases or act as a sterile barrier.

Aeration products manufactured from porous PTFE are steam sterilizable (autoclavable) and can withstand higher temperatures than polyethylene while exhibiting similar chemical resistance properties.

PTFE aeration applications deliver:

  • Resistance to fouling and calcium scaling
  • Extended life
  • Flexibility in fabrication
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • A broad range of use in gas exchange

PTFE has been used successfully with a wide range of aeration and production systems. Wherever aeration systems are used, (municipal, commercial, industrial, medical) they can benefit from the efficiency and durability of products made from PTFE.

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